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Coaching has changed the way I work and has given me more confidence and new management techniques. But the sessions with Hormoz were about more than discovering how to work more effectively. They provided a safe space within which to explore sometimes challenging issues. They were led by someone I came to trust quickly and by reflecting things back to me, enabled me to see them in a more objective light. Coaching has made an immediate and what I hope to be a long term impact on my career.

Susie Stubbs, Director, Creative Tourist Limited

Hormoz is a wonderfully empathetic coach, who with considerable skill and gentleness, coached me through a series of issues mainly related to finance, career transition, time management and work/life balance. He asked extremely penetrating but deceptively simple questions and his listening skills are excellent. He has the ability to make you feel better about yourself and to help you get results. I would strongly recommend him to other clients.

Mark Dailey, Partner at Madano PR Agency

I'm a singer and a songwriter who lives in London; it is a simple yet loaded sentence: keeping inspired, staying positive in a competitive city can lead to errant consideration and misguided thought. Working with Hormoz Ahmadzadeh has been enormously helpful. He is an attentive and affable gentleman who makes calming use of some remarkable techniques. Remarkable because they are simple, direct and deft. He motivates and stimulates by pushing past my swirl of stressed, overly complex thinking, to a place where it occurs to me- often by surprise- that I have many immediate solutions within myself, and more than I thought going for me. I have used group and personal therapy and examined some self-help courses/programs, but Hormoz's unfussy techniques cut to the quick without the need to impress with nice slogans or glib anecdotes.

David McAlmont, Singer

What struck me immediately about Hormoz was the intensity with which he listened to my every word. I don’t recall him ever taking notes in our sessions yet he remembered every single detail, evidenced by his approach in the following session and the questions or points he raised.

This built confidence and created a comfortable and trustworthy atmosphere which contributed to me opening up about other parts of my life.

Overall I appreciate Hormoz’s style for gentle questioning or facilitating a discussion so I felt like I came up with my own answers. He didn’t tell me how to do something. Far more importantly, he provided methods for me to explore and adapt for myself and to check whether I was 'on track' to achieving MY intentions/goals.

Pollyanna Clayton-Stamm, Director, URBIS Projects

Hormoz coached me through a particularly difficult point in my career. By challenging me on various issues which had been causing me some concern, I felt that my confidence and sense of perspective were positively improved. As I was entering a new role, the coaching sessions enabled me to reflect on my experiences with further focus. This meant I could take the lessons learnt from my 7 years in the role and carry them forward to my new one.

Alexandra King, Deputy Chief Executive, URBIS transition to new role, Piccadilly Partnership Director, CityCo

I benefited greatly from Hormoz's outcome focused approach together with his clean and succinct style. The sessions were well structured and Hormoz demonstrated excellent person centred planning skills. This was very helpful in supporting me to identify and work towards key objectives. Following on from our sessions, I was able to put into practice a number of the principles and techniques we discussed and noticed an immediate impact on my professional and personal life. I would have no hesitation in recommending Hormoz as a coach to any of my friends and colleagues.

Tom Raines, Project Manager, Manchester City Council

I had become despondent in my work, not knowing which way to turn with specific issues I was facing. Hormoz put me at my ease during the first session, as I didn't know what to expect. The whole experience turned out to be much more helpful than I had anticipated. As a direct result of the coaching, my confidence turned around and I am now able to identify what is important and focus on the decisions I make. I can not speak highly enough of Hormoz. His approach and manner meant that in a short space of time, I was able to get to the real heart of the issues I was facing. I would have no hesitation in recommending him.

Elizabeth Sheen, Chambers Manager, 18 St. Johns Street Chambers Manchester

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