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Examining this website may have resulted in actively thinking about the way forward, but also created some questions in your mind. If you would like to arrange an initial chat please email for a call back, stating the best contact time and details.

I am based in Manchester but can work with Associates who are based around the country, for larger roll outs of coaching contracts.

However, my own clients can be located anywhere. Telephone coaching is as effective if not more so for some, as face to face. Using Skype has also made it a lot easier to make that facial connection. Others are more comfortable and feel they can open up more, on the telephone.

If there is any aspect about coaching you would like to discuss straight away, please call on +44 7946 621276.

Columns with Two Headed Bulls - a symbol of 'strength'

During his rule of the Persian Empire, Darius the Great wanted The Apadana Palace at Persepolis to be the showcase for the might and achievements of his rule. The work began in 515 BC and his son Xerxes I completed it 30 years later. The palace had a grand hall in the shape of a square, each side 60 m long with seventy-two columns, some of which remain. Each column is 19m high with a square Taurus and plinth. The columns carried the weight of the vast and heavy ceiling. The tops of the columns were made from animal sculptures such as two headed bulls, lions and eagles, signifying strength.

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