What is Coaching?

Coaching is a relationship based on trust and commitment in which the coach helps the client explore ideas, fears, options and challenges, in order to take action to deliver their desired outcomes.

Coaching is focused on the future and is solutions-oriented. It is positive, life-affirming and often a life-changing process. It is about discovering what has been holding you back, challenging limiting beliefs and then replacing them with new empowering beliefs and ideas. It is about unlocking potential and helping achievement, by knowing yourself and influences around you much better.

Coaching is structured, highly practical and focused solely on you – your goals, ambitions and needs. It is non-directive. Coaching is about listening, clarifying, challenging and energising. It is not about giving advice or telling you what to do. Coaching is based on this key premise: that you have the power within yourself to improve and achieve – often all that is needed, is support.

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"Ten years from now we'll look back at this challenge and laugh; so why wait?"

Tony Robbins

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